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Topic of the Month April: Cardiology

Topic of the Month April: Cardiology

It is made up of chambers, walls and atriums, but it is not a building. It is the heart, which provides all organs with fresh blood. That is a lot of hard work since the living pump presses the body’s whole blood once in a minute through the entire cardiovascular system.

In April’s Topic of the Month “Cardiology”, follows the path through the cardiac cycle and introduces current studies.


In the last few years, sudden cardiac deaths of professional soccer players have raised a lot of attention. For the 2006 football world cup, the FIFA responded to these tragic cases with special arrangements. - FIFA World Cup: Red Card for Sudden Cardiac Death


A new model developed at the University of Washington provides an accurate estimate of one-, two-, and three-year survival rates and average years of survival for patients with heart failure. - Model: Survival Rates for Patients with Heart Failure


According to a current clinical trial, one stent may be as good as two when treating patients with complex artery disease, because the clinical outcome is the same. - Bifurcation Lesions: Best Treated with Simple Approach


Researchers and clinicians in Germany have demonstrated for the first time that heart failure is triggered by apoptosis, and that a survival factor is able to protect the heart. - Heart Failure: Apoptosis Repressor Protects the Heart



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