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GHE-member B.Braun's blood sugar metre Omnitest® plus: optimum hygiene

GHE-member B.Braun's blood sugar metre Omnitest® plus: optimum hygiene

GHE - German Healthcare Export Group e.V.

MELSUNGEN. B.Braun launches its new blood sugar metre Omnitest® plus: With a weight of only 41 gramme and a required quantum of 1µL blood, this tool is easy, quick and safe for diabetics to manage. The LCD-panorama display already presents the result after five seconds of measurement duration.

A convenient innovation by the German Healthcare Export Group-member: If the test strip is implemented, the Omnitest® plus switches on automatically. After dripping blood on the strip, the measurement starts again automatically, while a sensor controls the correct ambient air temperature.

At the end of the measurement, the test strip is ejected via push on a button – which means a hygienic handling for nursing staff and family members as well since there is no finger contact – and Omnitest® plus switches off. The tool is proper for diabetics type 1 and 2.

Further advantages of the instrument:
• Measurement results are displayed in milligramme glucose per decilitre blood (mg/dl) or millimole per litre blood (mmol/l)
• about 250 results including date and time are saved
• reminder of measurement time: five alarms can be read in
• Omnitest® plus calculates average data of three selectable periods of time
• using any computer, the data is administrated and analysed by appropriate software
• practical storage: due to their arrangement in a case , the components can be used without being uncased individually

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