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Special: Surgical Dressing, Care and Rehabilitation

Special: Surgical Dressing, Care and Rehabilitation

Many nurses say they lack time during their daily work. But new research tells that better care does not necessarily come from more hours to spend - just organise them better, they say.

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By injecting tiny balls of gelatin, researchers at Linköping University have managed to get various types of cells to grow spontaneously in the areas where new tissue needs to be generated. - Dermal Tissue: Skin Wounds May Be Treated with Balls of Gelatin


Physicians at Johns Hopkins Hospital have disproved the notion that longer hospital stays mean better care. They have cut back on wait times across one dozen hospital departments and, as a result, reduced to well below six the average number of hospitalisation days. - Improved Care: Faster Access to Services Shortens Hospital Stay


Some medical centres are integrating alternative treatments known as “touch therapies” into their cardiac care practices. And several studies of these treatments have shown positive results in people hospitalised for heart trouble. - Care: Alternative Touch Therapies May Relax Heart Patients


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