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GHE: Consolidated Financial Statement 2004 of aap Implantate AG

GHE: Consolidated Financial Statement 2004 of aap Implantate AG

German Healthcare Export Group e.V.

Despite the financial and operative restructuring of the company, aap Implantate AG, a medical technology company and member of the German Healthcare Export Group, operating in the fields of implants for healing bone fractures and joint replacements, bone cement and cementing techniques as well as bone replacement substances and antibiotic carriers, achieved in the financial year 2004 a sales growth of 5.2 per cent to Euro 11.5 million (previous year: Euro 11 million).

The financial year 2004 of aap • mebio was significant affected by the implementation of restructuring measures (a Euro 9.7 million capital increase, liabilities decreased by Euro 13.9 million, value adjustments totalling Euro 4.9 million). Disregarding the extraordinary restructuring-related result of Euro 2.5 million, the Group's EBITDA in the financial year 2004 was Euro 1.2 million (previous year: Euro minus 273,000). EBIT at Euro minus 316,000 was well above the previous year's Euro minus 4.6 million.

Group's result for the year improved to Euro minus 140,000 (previous year: Euro minus 15.4 million). With a balance sheet total of Euro 20.4 million (previous year: Euro 26.7 million) the equity ratio increased to 76 per cent (previous year: 25 per cent).

The complete consolidated annual financial statement of aap Implantate AG is available for download at

Source: aap Implantate AG / German Healthcare Export Group e.V.


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