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Anti-Decubitus with SupaSupport Systems

Anti-Decubitus with SupaSupport Systems

Speed Plastics Ltd

Speed Plastics' new SupaSupport pressure relief system minimises cross infection and hygiene problems which have recently become major issues facing Health Service providers across Europe. The use of waterproof materials combined with welded seams makes SupaSupport impermeable to blood and urine etc. and offers complete protection of the mattress / cushion against fluid ingress and consequent deterioration of the core.
The SupaSupport System:
- Breathable
- Maintains its shape
- Suitable for wheelchairs and domestic seating
- Waterproof
- Resistant to viruses and bacteria
- Easy to clean and disinfect
- Comfort through soft constuction
- Reduced risk of pressure sores
- Patent pending

For more information, please visit our website: SupaSupport


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