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New-Mobile Low Vacuum System

New-Mobile Low Vacuum System

MTG - Medizinisch Technische Gerätebau GmbH

•Suction air, secretion and blood out of the pleura after thorax-surgical operations.
•Maintaining vacuum in the pleura after spontaneous pneumothorax
•Use as transport suction
•Small size and weight
•Low-Noise operation
•Independent of mains supply and compressed air connection
•Battery operation over several hours possible
•Makes the mobilisation of patients with Thoraxdrainagen easier
•Early mobilisation resulting in considerable time savings for the nursing staff
•The used time for prophylactic measures can be adapted to the degree of the independence of the patients
• Personal hygiene can be done by the patient himself much earlier.
•Reduced contamination and infection risk because the device must not be changed for transport
•No disconnection of the patient necessary for transport to checkups
•Visual and accoustical alarm when level falls below the set vacuum level. The alarm limit is automatically adjusted to the set nominal vacuum value. Occuring leakages can be directly recognized and repaired.
•Reduced costs for one time systems and reduced disposal costs compared to other systems.
•Handy carrier rack out from acrylic glass, simple to clean and to disinfect.

Mobile Low Vacuum System


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