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Women who Drink Wine Get Pregnant More Quickly

Women who Drink Wine Get Pregnant More Quickly

In previous studies on fecundity, different types of beverages have not been taken into consideration, although moderate wine drinkers appear to have fewer strokes, lung and digestive tract cancers, and overall mortality than both abstainers and moderate drinkers of beer or spirits. The study led by Mette Juhl from the Danish Epidemiology Science Centre at the Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen, examined the association between different types of alcoholic beverages and waiting time to pregnancy.

Self-reported data were used for 29 844 pregnant women, recruited to the Danish National Birth Cohort in 1997–2000. All of the participants were asked how much they drank and whether it was beer, wine, or spirits, and how long they had tried to become pregnant before succeeding.

Half of the women became pregnant within the first two months of trying, and 15 percent waited long than 12 months. In general, while they were trying to get pregnant, women consumed more wine than beer and a very small amount of spirits. Almost 80 percent had a moderate intake of wine but only half of the women consumed the same amount of alcohol by drinking beer.

Women who drank all three types of alcohol waited the shortest time to get pregnant. The authors said: "Our findings suggest that drinking wine may be associated with a modestly decreased risk of sub-fecundity. Sub-fecundity did not appear to be related to beer or spirits consumption."

Just how wine might have such an effect is not clear. Antioxidants have been identified as a potentially beneficial compound in wine.

The findings are published in the current issue of Human Reproduction., Sources: Human Reproduction


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