Genoray Co., Ltd.

ZENIS Ⅲ, the new C-ARM software

GENORAY invest a lot of time in R&D to provide you the better devices all the times. To follow our mission, GENORAY makes the invisible visible, we always think on the user’s side and improve the products with user’s harsh feedbacks. And finally we developed the ZENIS Ⅲ providing the soft, clear, and smart images that users can satisfy.

The main mission of the ZENIS Ⅲ project was enhancing the image process. So we tried to de-noise the image by improving the motion detection, contrast enhancement and Digital subtraction Angiography(DSA) algorithm. As result we got the most clear, and soft image.

1. Convenience, Accuracy, Safety
CAS improvements. As we optimized the OS we minimized the users OS and improved the quality of the device. Also by fixing bugs and errors, users can use device more safety.

2. Auto run / Auto scan / Simplified Settings

3. Able to exposure within 1minute after energizing

4. Improved safety through Embedded OS adaption and quality test

5. Clear image without incidental image

6. Improved convenience of Angio surgery

7. Able to check X-ray exposure information in the live monitor

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