Sinteco A Bucci Automations S.p.A. Division

The Unit Dose Management System meets the Pneumatic Tube System

The automated system for packaging and dispensing medications

Sinteco will exhibit the integrated solution between the unit dose management system and the pneumatic tube system (www.sumetzberger.at).
This solution, dedicated to the pharmacy hospital, allows:

- Packaging of medications into unit doses;
- The collection and storage of the unit doses;
- The preparation and dispensing of personalized therapies;
- Transport and delivery of therapies to the patients.

The aim of the pharmaceutical automated process is to create a quality management system from the analysis to the assistance, based on the following parameters:

Cost reduction - through efficient inventory management, mitigation of risks, and the reduction of losses due to drugs being damaged, lost, or expired;
Logistics optimization - best processes for the separation of doses and the preparation of therapies; this simplifies management procedures such as the return of non-administered drugs;
Total traceability - respect and compliance of best practices and guarantee of the delivery of the prescribed drug in the right dose, at the right time, and to the right patient;
Improving care – provides more time dedicated to patient care by hospital staff

The Athena system is 100% integrated with the operating system of the hospital and provides a useful tool for monitoring of medications, management of returns, and reduces medication errors. The pneumatic tube addition allows the system to perform more quickly; in fact, the medications are transported and delivered safely and in real time, eliminating wait times.

Exhibitor Data Sheet