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Southmedic to feature innovative EMS Products at MEDICA 2016

BARRIE, Ont. Sept. 9, 2016 – Canadian developer, manufacturer, and domestic distributor of a wide range of medical supplies, Southmedic Inc. returns to MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, November 14-17 in Düsseldorf, Germany where it will bring new focus on three target markets.

 “This year at MEDICA 2016 we’ll be showcasing the best of what we offer to distributors for acute care, for home care, and especially for EMS, emergency medical services,” says David Whiteside, Southmedic’s VP Sales and Marketing.  “In particular, we have an innovative product that solves a lot of problems on an ambulance for its paramedics.”

Oxy-MultiMaskTM is a revolutionary oxygen mask that is becoming very popular in the pre-hospital, EMS market.  This mask combines the delivery of high concentrations of oxygen, high humidity and aerosol treatments.  Instead of having multiple types of masks taking up lots of valuable space onboard an ambulance, paramedics are finding that they only need to carry Oxy-MultiMaskTM.  This saves valuable time and money. During a stressful emergency situation, patients do not want to wear a closed claustrophobic feeling mask.  Oxy-MultiMaskTM      is a very comfortable open style mask, facilitating a high compliance to oxygen therapy.

Oxy-MultiMaskTM ability to create a concentrated flow of oxygen means that less oxygen flow is required to maintain a prescribed SPO2.  Using less oxygen means that the oxygen cylinders onboard an ambulance last longer. 

Oxy-MultiMaskTM provides a targeted, concentrated flow of oxygen directed towards the mouth and nose.   This ‘virtual reservoir’ of concentrated oxygen maintains the prescribed SPO2 saturation levels while utilizing less oxygen flow.  Less oxygen is needed using Oxy-MultiMaskTM compared to traditional masks to achieve the same clinical outcome.   Decreased work of breathing is accomplished as the OxyMask wearer has direct access to an immediate concentration of oxygen.  Oxygen is conserved as a specific volume of gas is not required to maintain a concentration. By delivering a high concentration of oxygen at lower flows, total oxygen consumption is reduced. 

Oxy-MultiMask’sTM ability to target and concentrate oxygen flow at the area of utilization results in better clinical outcomes and oxygen gas savings.   This can have a significant positive impact on a hospital’s oxygen budget.  In addition Oxy-MultiMaskTM provides greater safety for rotary, fixed wing, and ground EMS/Fire transports.  Oxygen cylinders simply last longer and need to be changed less frequently.  This in another reason why Oxy-MultiMaskTM is the best mask for disaster preparedness, mass casualty and pandemic situations.

“What we’ll be striving for with potential distributors at MEDICA is to show them not just how good our products are, but how they can use them to bring greater value to the distributors’ own customers – in terms of better patient outcomes, greater operating efficiencies, higher levels of safety, and other factors important to medical device end users,” says VP Whiteside.

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About Southmedic Inc.

Established in 1983, Southmedic Inc. is a vertically integrated medical manufacturing company. Southmedic is comprised of three unique divisions: a Proprietary Business Unit that is extensively involved in the research, development, manufacturing and global distribution of proprietary products for the Respiratory and Surgical Specialties market; a Contract Manufacturing Business Unit that provides value-added clean-room contract manufacturing and assembly and a Domestic Distribution Division that focuses on proprietary as well as 3rd party specialty operating room products.

Earlier this year, Southmedic Inc. won the Platinum Club award as one of Canada’s best managed companies for its world-class management headed by Southmedic’s female President and CEO Lee MacDonald, for its world-class business practices, and for its medical device innovations.

To learn more about Southmedic, please visit us during MEDICA 2016 at the Ontario/Canada Pavilion, Hall 16, Booth G42.

In the meantime, you can locate Southmedic in “Companies & Products" on the medica-tradefair.com portal. As well, we encourage you to visit our southmedic.com website.

For further information, please contact:

David Whiteside, VP Sales and Marketing
Southmedic Inc.
50 Alliance Blvd, Ontario, L4M 5K3
T: 705 720 1902 ext. 302
E: dwhiteside@southmedic.com

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