Rooti Labs Limited

Rooti's SleepRx for continuous vital sign monitoring

Rooti is pleased to announce SleepRx, a comfortable, continuous, clinical grade biosensor. The 24bit/500Hz ECG recorder of SleepRx accurately captures atrial fibrillation. Together with built-in respiration sensor, temperature sensor and accelerator, SleepRx detects obstructive sleep apnea and overcomes the inconvenience of traditional Polysomnography(PSG). The proprietary algorithm also calculates heart rate variability and PWV which is an alternative indicator of blood pressure.

SleepRx supports WiFi transmission. All data is encrypted from the biosensor through delivery to our HIPAA-compliant cloud system. Only 16g in weight, SleepRx boasts up to 7 days in continuous tracking mode and 10 hours in real-time remote monitoring mode. Sleep Rx is expected to begin shipping in Q1 2016.

Exhibitor Data Sheet