Fraunhofer EMFT

Reliable nanoliter-exact micro dosing

Nanoliter-exact dosing of gases and liquids with micropumps and micro dosing systems offers a wide potential in the area of medical technology. The exact dosing of minute quantities of liquids is of essential importance for numerous medical applications. At the same time, the dosing components have to be extremely reliable and cost-efficient.

On this year‘s Compamed trade fair Fraunhofer EMFT presents a novel micro dosing system for controlled dosing of minute quantities of liquid, enabling exact flow rates of 1 - 50 nl/s. One nanoliter of water corresponds to the volume of a cube with 0.1 mm sidelength. Two piezoelectrically driven micropumps with the chip size of 7 x 7 x 1 mm3 are the key components of the system. The extremely exact dosing is achieved by injecting defined gas bubbles into a dosing channel. Several sensors in this channel monitor the position and speed of the phase boundaries between gas and liquid, deducting the amount of liquid to be dosed. A micro controller is used for documenting the results as well as controlling the micropumps in order to set the desired flow rate.

Exhibitor Data Sheet