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11/09/2016: Medical emergency management in hospitals


Topic of the Month: Telediabetology: Telemedicine to fight diabetes; Interview: Medical emergency management in hospitals: there is a need for action; News: Antibody protects developing fetus from Zika virus; News: Cognitive behavioral therapy effective for older people with insomnia; News: Immune cell insight offers hope for tackling deadly lung condition
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10/26/2016: Preoperative Rehabilitation: Fit for Surgery


Interview: Preoperative Rehabilitation: Fit for Surgery; Topic of the Month: Inflammatory bowel diseases: More patient comfort and autonomy thanks to an app; News: Brand-new cochlear implant technology born from frictional electricity; News: How does friendly fire happen in the pancreas?; News: Reshaping the future of global clinical trials practice
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11/02/2016: MEDICA 2016: New things to learn and to experience


Topic of the Month: Diabetes, implants, networked devices – learning and experiencing new things at MEDICA 2016; Interview: Preoperative Rehabilitation: Fit for Surgery; News: Patient safety benefits when hospitals provide feedback to staff who report errors; News: Developing a sensor for vitamin B12 deficiency; News: "Stroke clearly is a brain disease"
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10/19/2016: Myocardial infarction: The role of the X chromosome


Topic of the Month: My Avatar and Me – the digitization of healthcare records; Video: Subject Area Sport – Where Science and Play Come Together; News: WSU portable smartphone laboratory detects cancer; News: New advances in imaging to enhance the detection of GI cancers; News: Peptides vs. superbugs; News: New library of human stem cells with the Brazilian genetic admixture
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10/12/2016: A new broom sweeps clean? The new MDR


Topic of the Month: Networked healthcare – Apps and co.; Interview: A new broom sweeps clean? The new EU Medical Device Regulation; Video: Subject Area Sport – Where Science and Play Come Together; News: Laughter-based exercise program has health benefits; News: Brain modulyzer provides interactive window into the brain;
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10/05/2016: The digital revolution


Topic of the Month: Networked healthcare - The digital revolution; News: Brain diseases manifest in the retina of the eye; News: Scientists aim to slow fast growth of cancer cells; News: Developing brain regions in children hardest hit by sleep deprivation
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09/28/2016: Combating the Skills Shortage


Topic of the Month:OR of the future: technology benefits surgeons; Interview: T5 Career Forum – Combating the Skills Shortage; News: Precision medicine trial shows benefit to patients; News: Contraceptives: Deaths from ovarian cancer decline worldwide; News: Calls for greater transparency in release of clinical trial data; News: Gaming for gut research
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09/21/2016: Textiles with a sensory cooling effect


Topic of the Month: Intraoperative imaging – added benefit or high-tech gadget?; News: The "MeBot" robotic wheelchair can climb steps on its own; News: Software helps to find out why "jumping genes" are activated; News: Increased risk of pneumococcal pneumonia with hospital admission; News: International Patient Safety Day - 09/17/2016
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09/14/2016: Two are better than one


Interview: Hemodialysis: Creating the AV fistula using catheters; Topic of the Month: Hybrid Operating Room: The OR of the Future Today?; News: Novel heart valve replacement for people with rheumatic heart disease; News: Hungry cells on the move; News: Voices of patients and oncologists must be heard, study says
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09/07/2016: Intraoperative Imaging


Topic of the Month: Intraoperative imaging - patients in the focus; MEDICA TECH FORUM; News: Study opens door to targeted treatments for esophageal cancer; News: VR simplifies diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders; News: New model improves prediction of outbreaks of Ebola and Lassa fever
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