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01/25/2017: Telemedicine for refugees


Topic of the Month: "Always be honest" – How to communicate with critically ill children; Interview: Project TeleView – Telemedicine for refugees; News: Nanometric imprinting on fiber; News: Using Big Data to understand immune system responses; News: Millions of people with metabolic syndrome may need more vitamin E
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01/18/2017: Telemedicine – Dial P for physician


Topic of the Month: Children's Tumor Center: consolidated treatment under one roof; Video: Telemedicine – Immediate and lower-cost care; News: Scientists tissue-engineer part of human stomach in laboratory; News: Personalized treatment for those in blood pressure 'gray zone'; News: Study finds postdoc jobs in biomedicine don't yield positive returns in the labor market
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01/11/2017: Infection prevention through architecture


Topic of the Month: Working with children with cancer – More than just a job; Interview: Hospital construction: infection prevention through architecture?; News: Why high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells; News: Aggressive prostate cancer secrets revealed in landmark study; News: How to introduce peanut-containing foods to reduce allergy risk
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01/04/2017: Treating critically ill children properly


Topic of the Month: Children and cancer - treating sick children properly; Video: Cryotherapy - Destroying cancer with ice; News: Gambling addiction triggers the same brain areas as drug and alcohol cravings; News: Preventing mortality after myocardial infarction; News: Insomnia prevalent in patients with asthma; News: Study shows blood products unaffected by drone trips
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12/21/2016: On the trail of viruses


Interview: Who am I? Viruses on Nanosprings; Topic of the Month: Sodium intake and blood pressure; Video: Cryotherapy - Destroying cancer with ice; News: Magnetic stimulation: more precise, reliable activation of neural circuitry; News: COPD: What causes the lungs to lose their ability to heal?; News: Hospitals: Decision makers focus on digitalization, disregard ecology and ethics
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12/14/2016: Neuro-imaging - listen to light


Interview: "A 3D movie of the brain in action"; Topic of the Month: Diseases of aging: lifestyle and prevention also pay off; News: Aggressive form of leukemia linked to defective 'protein factory'; News: Heart damage caused by chemotherapy is worse in diabetics; News: Follow-up by trained nurses helps myocardial infarction patients
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12/07/2016: The human patient: diabetes, blood pressure, old age


Topic of the Month: The human patient - geriatrics, diseases of civilization and aging; Video: Chronic-lymphocytic leukemia - Handy tool makes prognosis easier for physicians; Interview: Paraplegia: moving muscles using electrical impulses; News: A method for storing vaccines at room temperature; News:Women with dementia receive less medical attention
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11/30/2016: Paraplegia: Help with potential


Video: Chronic-lymphocytic leukemia - Handy tool makes prognosis easier for physicians; Interview: Paraplegia: moving muscles using electrical impulses; News: New capsule achieves long-term drug delivery; News: Microscopic sensor for more precise radiology treatments; News: Vestibular function declines starting at age 40
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11/23/2016: Review to MEDICA 2016


Trade fair review: That was MEDICA 2016; Video: Vibes and voices of MEDICA 2016; Interview: Being safe: electronic call systems for hospitals; Video: Future of prevention – Health management in the digital world; News: mHealth interventions: no silver bullet for diabetes patients; News: Design of operating theatre reduces hospital infections
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11/16/2016: MEDICA 2016 - Innovations from medicine and medical techology industry


Video: Implants 4.0: What we are going to wear in our body soon; Interview: Tissue engineering: Cartilage grown in test tubes; Video: The colorful world of lab medicine; Interview: Minimally invasive surgery: VR simulators for training; Video: Medicine 4.0 – Are we ready for new solutions?
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