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08/31/2016: OLED for medical use


Interview: MRI scan: Video projections help children overcome their fear; Video: Total Lab Automation – Screening and microbiological diagnosis as fast as never; News: NCritical protein shows promise for the treatment of Alzheimer's; News: Number of tuberculosis cases in India is double current estimates; News: Innovation is at the beating heart of medical technology
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08/24/2016: Alleviate MRI fears


Interview: MRI scan: Video projections help children overcome their fear; Topic of the Month: Blue versus Green Hospital: Economical in all departments; Video: Total Lab Automation – Screening and microbiological diagnosis as fast as never; News: Nanofiber scaffolds show new behaviour of stem and cancer cells; News: Olympic stomach upsets – leaky gut symdrome?
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08/17/2016: Your brain on sugar


Topic of the Month: Hospital logistics: ecology vs. economy; News: Brain-machine interfaces: Paraplegics regain feelings and movements; News: Vibrations allow surgeons to feel what they cannot touch; News: New guidelines in kidney stone treatment; News: Meat consumption contributing to global obesity; News: Rapid bacterial infection test reduces antibiotic use
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08/10/2016: Observe cells with a software


Interview: Cell under observation: "The software lets us study the development on video"; Topic of the Month: Sustainability: Hospitals can achieve a trifecta; News: Fidgeting helps prevent arterial dysfunction from sitting; News: New microfluidic chip replicates muscle-nerve connection; News: Lack of pharmacy access sends some patients back to the hospital
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08/03/2016: Sustainability - A topic for hospitals?


Video: Cardiology – viewing the beating heart in real-time; Topic of the Month: Medical industry worldwide – The sustainable hospital; News: Randomized penumbra 3-D trial of next generation stent retriever meets primary endpoints; News: Flexible wearable electronic skin patch offers new way to monitor alcohol levels; News: Sustainable sensors to detect, predict muscle fatigue
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07/27/2016: Seeing better thanks to electrical stimulation


Topic of the Month: Prevention: Wearables: web portal WISS to foster communication in professional sports; Interview: Electrical Stimulation: Using Electrical Pulses to Combat Blindness; News: World Brain Day 2016 - The ageing brain; News: Americans worried about using gene editing, brain chip implants and synthetic blood; News: Protein found to bolster growth of damaged muscle tissue
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07/20/2016: My heart beats for this


Topic of the Month: Prevention: Digital tools for the digital workplace; Video: Cardiology – viewing the beating heart in real-time; News: Weight loss lowers levels of proteins associated with cancer; News: Pill organizers could cause adverse effects among elderly
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07/13/2016: Secure network connections


Topic of the Month: Sports and medicine: Even sick people benefit from physical activity; Interview: Interoperability: secure network connections; News: Illness management strategy for children under five; News: Consensus in the fight against colorectal cancer; News: Conceptual model for acute, unscheduled care
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06/29/2016: Hugging the heart


Interview: Individualized sports medicine: training by design; News: New electric mesh device gives the heart an electromechanical hug; News: Providing bite count feedback helps lower calorie intake; News: Software improves ability to catalog bacterial pathogens
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07/06/2016: Exercise pays off


Topic of the Month: Sports and medicine: Health, which comes into play; Video: MEDICA 2016 - World Forum for Medicine; News: Saved by the sun; News: Walking meetings for healthier lives of office workers; News: Vagus nerve stimulation reduces rheumatoid arthritis symptoms; MEDICA MEDICINE AND SPORTS CONFERENCE
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