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03/29/2017: Light instead of darkness: the Argus II implant


Video: Light instead of darkness – Seeing with the Argus II Implant; Interview: Healthy at work: Occupational health management; News: Diabetes damages small blood vessels on the heart; News: A pocket-sized retina camera, no dilating required; News: Delaying school start times won't help sleep deprived teenagers; News: 'Geofencing' shows promise in tracking chronic care
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03/22/2017: Health at work: good for everyone


Topic of the Month: Smart versus big: how data can assist in the OR; Interview: Healthy at work: Occupational health management; News: Daily tea consumption protects elderly from cognitive decline; News: Electroacupuncture releases stem cells; News: Precision medicine platform open for collaborative discovery; News: Aquatic resistance training helps women with mild knee osteoarthritis
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03/15/2017: Skin diseases worldwide


Topic of the Month: Medical Databases: One for All, All for One; News: MRI-powered mini-robots could offer targeted treatment; News: Computational biologists predict antibiotic resistances; News: Artificial intelligence virtual consultant helps deliver better patient care
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03/08/2017: X-Ray or ultrasound?


Topic of the Month: Collect Data? Utilize Data! – The Blessings of Big Data; Interview: Pneumonia in Children: Ultrasound or X-Rays?; News: Researchers identify how inflammation spreads through the brain after injury; News: Air pollution can alter the effectiveness of antibiotics; News: Overheating in UK homes: a health disaster waiting to happen
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03/01/2017: Big Data in medicine


Topic of the Month: Big Data – Benefit for the medical sector; News: Tiny fibers open new windows into the brain; News: Healthy hiking in smart socks; News: Organ-on-a-chip mimics heart's biomechanical properties; News: Italy adopts gender-neutral HPV vaccination program; News: Pacemakers and defibrillators safe for MRI using new protocol
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02/22/2017: Working in a pediatric hospice


Video: Working in pediatric hospice - not the place for sadness; Topic of the Month: Gene therapy for the treatment of achromatopsia ; Interview: RealSpine - realistic surgical simulation; News: An alternative to opioids? Compound from marine snail is potent pain reliever; News: Switched-on DNA to spark nano-electronic applications
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02/15/2017: Call for support by the killer cells


Topic of the Month:Stents versus Eye Drops: a new approach to aid glaucoma patients; Interview: Medical Device that fits in your pocket: music for Tinnitus relief; News: Glucose or fructose: The impact of sugar on cardiovascular health; News: Hard shell - healthy kernel; News: Chinese air pollution linked to respiratory and cardiovascular deaths
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02/08/2017: Sound and rhythm against tinnitus


Interview: Medical Device that fits in your pocket: music for Tinnitus relief; Topic of the Month: Ophthalmology today and tomorrow: surgery and more; News: Faster way of detecting bacteria; News: UK: salt reduction strategies do not address health inequalities; News: How multi-resistant pathogens can be defeated; News: Startup commercializes software to improve pediatric care
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02/01/2017: Ophthalmology of today and tomorrow


Topic of the Month: The eye – therapies for good vision; Video: Swallowing Disorders – avoiding errors related to medication administration; News: Wearable: low-cost sensor to measure skin hydration; News: Scoliosis: physical therapy helps teens; News: Yes, we can! Yes, I can! – World Cancer Day, 02/04/2017; News: Lyme Disease biobank to accelerate research by making samples available
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01/25/2017: Telemedicine for refugees


Topic of the Month: "Always be honest" – How to communicate with critically ill children; Interview: Project TeleView – Telemedicine for refugees; News: Nanometric imprinting on fiber; News: Using Big Data to understand immune system responses; News: Millions of people with metabolic syndrome may need more vitamin E
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