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04/26/2017: Irreversible Electroporation – Last hope for liver cancer patients?


Interview: Irreversible Electroporation – Last hope for liver cancer patients; Topic of the Month: Medical imaging is onto septic fungi; News: Tiny 'cages' could keep vaccines safe at high temperatures; News: Research moves closer to unravelling mystery cause of multiple sclerosis; News: Little kids' regular bedtimes and ability to regulate emotions may lessen obesity risk
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04/19/2017: How does an MRI machine makes its way into an office?


Topic of the Month: Hospital-acquired infections: pathogens know no borders; Video: Radiology - How an MRI machine makes its way into an office; News: New technology can detect tiny ovarian tumors; News: Blood test shows promise in detecting abusive head trauma in infants; News: Vitamin B diminishes effects of air pollution-induced cardiovascular disease
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04/12/2017: Hip osteoarthritis: an alternative to endoprosthesis


Topic of the Month: Laboratory medicine: confronting infections with speed and foresight; Interview: Hip joint: sleeve versus endoprosthesis; News: New approach makes cells resistant to HIV; News: Cause of an inherited neurological disorder discovered; News: Why green spaces are good for grey matter
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04/05/2017: Topic of the Month: Infectious diseases


Topic of the Month: Infectious diseases – the laboratory races pathogens, Video: Light instead of darkness – Seeing with the Argus II Implant; News: Researchers demonstrate value of second opinions; News: Studying the brain's suspension system in TBIs; News: Infant vitamin B1 deficiency leads to poor motor function and balance
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