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Here you will find interesting Mhoch4 videos on the trade fair 2015.

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Wearables at MEDICA


Wearables – small, portable devices have continued their triumph in the world of sports. When it comes to medicine, they are also on the rise. At MEDICA, the trade fair for medical technology, more of these portable devices are being presented this year. One thing is important, though: they have to be easy to wear and, above all, they have to be wireless.
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Federal Politics and Health – Minister Mr. Gröhe and Minister Mrs. Wanka at MEDICA

The Federal Minister of Health has driven forth a major reform – when it comes to healthcare, more time should be spent on the patients and less time on the paper. In effect that means more positions in the care sector.
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Medical Technology With Heart


X-Rays, ultrasounds or ECGs – the diagnostic technology of physicians has always been difficult to interpret and definitely required special knowledge. Today, that is still true – however, thanks to smart phones and increasingly efficient electronics, even non-professionals are able to understand more and more what an image or a chart in a hospital means.
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German Medical Technology is Booming

Export quotas at 68% and a projected growth rate of six percent for the current year – just before the world’s most important industrial exhibition for the industry, the MEDICA in Düsseldorf, German medical technology is going strong. But the ever-present issues such as investment bottlenecks for hospitals and the cost of approval procedures for new products still remain.
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Being able to hear thanks to Micromedicine

Miniaturization and the latest findings from chemistry, biology and laboratory technology are continuously enabling new and virtually revolutionary medicine. Technology and pharmaceuticals – cancer, visual impairment and other diseases are being fought against in a much more specific and almost futuristic manner.
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