Zahnmedizinisch-Biowissenschaftliches Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum (ZBZ Witten GmbH)

Medical Showroom "Hygiene and Infection Prophylaxis" from ZBZ goes MEDICA 2015

Research, Development and Patient Care combine forces

The Witten Centre of Dental and Life Science Research (ZBZ – Zahnmedizinisch-Biowissenschaftliches Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum) at the campus of the University of Witten/Herdecke hosts the Medical Showroom, created by the partners ELISCHA and RHEOSOL. This Medical Showroom will now be presented at MEDICA 2015. With the guiding theme, research, development and patient care are closing ranks and display their latest concepts and products.

In modern healthcare, the requirements concerning hygiene and infection prophylaxis increase continuously. Today, menacing nosocomial infections oppose the success of modern and engineered medicine. Multi-resistant pathogens cause immense costs, endangering the recovery process of millions of people and are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of patients. In Germany, about 3.5% of all patients in a general ward get a hospital infection, in intensive care it is about 15% of the patients. Europe-wide, politics became aware of this problem and in Germany the federal government has decided on a 10-point program.

Wachendorff-Chemie-GmbH (RHEOSOL®) was able to develop unique product concepts like the “Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept®” in close co-operation with the ELISCHA Business Development Partner, located in Witten. Evidence was provided, that the patient’s situation was improved significantly within a very short period of time and without any additional strain on personnel and budget.

ELISCHA Business Development Partner, located on the premises of the ZBZ (Witten Centre of Dental and Life Science Research) and focusing on business- and product development, benefits from the interdisciplinary exchange between the various experts and institutes of the ZBZ, for example medicine, nursing sciences, dental medicine, material sciences, microbiology, orthodontics, industrial design and many more as well as from the supporting offers of the ZBZ. A network of experts, companies and hospitals enables an integrative and cost-efficient development of new products.

As a result of this co-operation, a brand new complete line created by the well-known RHEOSOL® has been made available for the treatment of patients suffering from multi-resistant pathogens. Now restoration of wounds, mouth and nose can be approached effectively and sustainably; patient care applies a variety of tools to ensure fast and sustainable success free of risks, inexpensive and with optimal results.

This product concept assimilates state-of-the-art technology, new discoveries in sciences, and the latest results from studies and application observations. Patients, facilities and relatives profit from these useful and practically oriented products. In addition, efficacy and hygiene compliance secure validated products and processes. Increasing hygiene and prophylaxis ensure the future medical success.

Take the opportunity to visit us and the “Medical Showroom” November 16 to 19, 2015 at the MEDICA Innovation Booth of North Rhine-Westphalia, hall 3, booth C80. We certainly would be pleased to welcome you also after the trade show at the ZBZ in Witten.