MediPurpose Gets CE Mark for SurgiLance™ Lite Safety Lancets

ATLANTA and SINGAPORE, Aug. 4—MediPurpose, a medical product manufacturer and master distributor, today announced that it has received CE Mark clearance for SurgiLance™ Lite safety lancets.

The approval permits MediPurpose to market the medical device in Europe, continuing a trend for the brand’s availability in international markets. Last month, Health Canada approved clearance for Canadian distribution of SurgiLance Lite.

SurgiLance Lite safety lancets are 28-gauge fingerstick devices, introduced in the United States in 2015 as an expansion to MediPurpose’s flagship SurgiLance™ safety lancet portfolio. Engineered to minimize pain when performing frequent low-volume blood collections—such as for glucose testing—SurgiLance Lite is available in three configurations, differentiated by their cartridge colors and penetration depths:

SLL140 (yellow/1.4 mm)
SLL180 (gray/1.8 mm)
SLL220 (orange/2.2 mm)
As with the classic SurgiLance, SurgiLance Lite safety lancets are sterile, pre-armed and single-use medical devices that prevent accidental sharps injuries before and after activation.

More Choices for European Safety Lancet Customers
MediPurpose has marketed its classic SurgiLance safety lancet in Europe since 2004. Company founder and CEO Patrick Yi said he is looking forward to providing European safety lancet customers with SurgiLance Lite’s expanded choices.

“In recent years, 28-gauge safety lancets have become increasingly popular because their needles are extremely thin and minimizes pain, which is a very preferable quality for frequent fingerstick users that only require a minimal amount of blood,” said Yi. 

“We believe that SurgiLance Lite offers ideal solutions for this market segment, and we will continue to listen to our European customers to potentially introduce models with other preferred penetration depths and needle gauges,” said Yi. “We are looking forward to it earning the same popularity in Europe as the classic SurgiLance.”

For more information about all SurgiLance safety lancets—including no-cost product samples—please visit medipurpose.com/surgilance.

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