MAC Pitch Event on 16 November 2016

Foto: Participants and moderator of the MAC Pitch Events 2016

The Winners of MAC Pitch Event 2016

1. Place


UpRight ist ein Wearable, das dabei hilft, seine Körperhaltung zu korrigieren, indem es am Rücken vibriert, sobald man krumm sitzt.

2. Place

Biop Medical

Biop Medical hat eine innovative, patientennahe Labordiagnostik (Point-of-Care) Technologie zur Echtzeit-Erkennung von Präkanzerosen und Krebs entwickelt.

3. Place


Eine vollständige Telemedizin-Lösung, die überall und zu jeder Zeit eine telemedizinische Visite und eine umfassende medizinische Untersuchung erlaubt.
Foto: Winner of the 1. place for "Upright" and jury members of the MAC Pitch Event 2016
Foto: Winner of the 2. place for "Biop Medical" and jury members of the MAC Pitch Event 2016
Foto: Winner of the 2. place for "tytocare" and jury members of the MAC Pitch Event 2016

Further Participants of the MAC Pitch Event 2016

alpha Medicus is the health service platform connecting doctors and patients.


CareScriptions - a mobile, integrated patient care platform connecting patients and care teams during recovery from major procedures to help achieve the best outcomes.
Elfi-Tech is adding new possibilities and dimensions to cardiovascular health monitoring.
The HandsUp app measures kinematic scores for shoulder function from simple movements of the arm using a smartphone.


Medivizor provides people with serious or chronic medical conditions, or their medical teams, all the cutting edge information they need know – personalized just for them.
MyndYou is a groundbreaking solution based on a proprietary monitoring and behavior analytics platform which offers, for the first time ever, personalized actionable insights to allow for cognitive intervention and improved care.
Preventicus Heartbeats is a certified medical App to detect heart rhythm diseases and especially to check for the presence of absolute arrhythmia suspicious of atrial fibrillation - simply by smartphone camera and with proven clinical accuracy.

Preventis SmartTest® Calprotectin

Preventis SmartTest Calprotectin® is a combination of a biochemical rapid-test and a smartphone app which delivers quantitative test results, designed for the use as self-test by patients (or as point of a care test for the medical practice.)
Secure way for mobile collaboration and knowledge sharing among physicians.
SmokeBeat is a B2B2C data-analytics software platform and app that works with standard wearables to identify in real-time when users are smoking and take them through an effective smoking cessation process, using behavior modification methodologies.
TheraPee is the first and only online bedwetting treatment in the world. It is an interactive Enuresis Web Home-based software program, allows every child worldwide to achieve outstanding results from the comfort of their own home.
6over6 has reimagined all fundamental optometric tools and fitted them into your smartphone, enabling a complete and accurate measurement of the refractive error of the eye, for eyeglasses and contact lens prescription, using nothing but software.