Lifenest revolutionary low pressure mattress

Ubimed is a company based in Los Angeles, CA that is dedicated to engineering, manufacturing and distributing innovating medical products that aim at improving health and comfort around the world.

Most recently, Ubimed released the award-winning Lifenest sleep system and revolutionized the bedding industry.

Instead of adding unnecessary layers of foams and complexity in its mattress, Ubimed decided to take the path less traveled and got busy developing a low pressure and breathable mattress around the concept of a hammock. Associated with the breathable, waterproof and disposable sheets, Lifenest sleep system makes for the best sleeping environment for incubator, bassinet and crib alike.

The simplicity and elegance offered by the Lifenest, associated with unprecedented health benefits, pushed hundreds of hospitals worldwide to adopt it as part of their standard panel to make babies healthier and get them home sooner. As a low pressure mattress, Lifenest helps prevent deformational plagiocephaly, pressure sores, but also rebreathing and overheating. Lastly, it improves the outcome of phototherapy treatment. In Canada and in Europe, Lifenest is also registered with health authorities for SIDS prevention and Flat Head treatment.

Lifenest comes with disposable sheets, which help support the breathability of the mattress but also reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.

The health benefits offered by Lifenest do not stop at the hospital doors! Parents can place their babies on a Lifenest at home too (home crib and bassinets sizes available).

Ubimed is also launching a digital craniometer to help pediatricians diagnose Flat Head and track its evolution.

Visit our website (www.ubimed.com) or our booth to see how Ubimed can help your unit and patients.

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