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Introducing Anteo's new coupling kits...

Anteo has released three new coupling kits at the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo held on August 2-4 at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This year Anteo will use AACC as the launch pad for the introduction of three new application kits targeted for specialised sub-sectors of the IVD and Life Sciences industries. Solving common challenges faced in laboratories across the world, these new Anteo kits meet the needs of scientists today.

Lateral Flow Coupling Kit - 5x More Sensitivity And Less Variation In Results

The Lateral Flow Coupling Kit for magnetic and latex particles enables use of alternative particles to traditional gold. This gives users more flexibility in their choice of assay components selected, thus allowing improved compatibility with the newer point-of-care detection technologies. DCN Diagnostics trialled Anteo’s Technology in a model human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) assay, finding 5x more sensitive lateral flow assays with less variation in their results than possible with covalent EDC chemistry when using magnetic particles.

Antibody Coupling Kit - Reduce Antibody Damage

Anteo’s Antibody Coupling Kit for magnetic, polystyrene and silica particles is a ready-to-use alternative to covalent chemistry. With this kit, antibodies assemble in the correct orientation greatly reducing the risk of antibody damage, leading to a lower antibodies volumes being required, increased antibody functionality, reduced interference and increased uniformity between experiments.

Magnetic Separation Coupling Kit - Test With Unknown Proteins

The ready-to-use Magnetic Separation Coupling Kit reduces labour costs and simplifies reagent preparation times. Simply pipette Anteo’s water-based Activation Reagent onto chosen particles to activate with a typical activation time of 60 minutes. This kit enables scientists to achieve results even when testing with unknown proteins. This streamlines the protein coupling screening process often required to select a compatible coupling method for novel proteins lacking complete characterisation.

Anteo Group CEO Jef Vangenechten said, “Anteo’s technology is particularly amenable to the development of products for very targeted applications. The ease with which the chemistry can be applied across the diversity of surface materials used in the IVD POC industry allows us to continue building our product portfolio to address unmet customer needs.”

Browse and buy products, and view technical support documentation on our new website. You can also contact our support team on +61 7 3219 0085 (9am-5pm AEST) or email support@anteotech.com and we will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding challenges you are experiencing with your assays or our products.

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