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Increased domestic demand transforms Brazil's Health Devices Industry

The sector’s growth leads to higher quality and falling prices for Brazilian medical, dental, hospital and laboratory products and equipment

The expansion of the middle class in Brazil over the past decade has provoked an increase in the domestic demand for health devices, driving the industry to increase investment into innovation and higher quality. Over the past six years, the sector’s apparent consumption has accumulated real growth of 11.5%. Just for the past year, the real growth in apparent consumption was 4%, despite the slowdown in the country’s economy.

“We are living a period of profound transformation, because the growth in demand and changes in the profile of consumption of health devices is driving the sector to mature. We are producing more, with higher quality and lower costs”, explains ABIMO (the Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association) superintendent Paulo Henrique Fraccaro.

Another factor that contributes to the development of the local health devices industry is the modernisation of hospital infrastructure seen over the past few years, which has increased the volume of medical tourism to Brazil.

The international recognition of the quality of the country’s plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine has also driven the national health devices industry. Brazil is among the top 10 countries with the highest number of plastic surgeons and certified cosmetic medicine specialists in the world. Procedures such as breast enlargement, for example, are carried out at a lower cost than in countries such as the US or UK.

Brazil also stands out as a global destination for treatment in the areas of oncology, cardiology, orthopaedics and neurology.

Excellent cost-benefit

The industry’s transformation is reflected in the image Brazilian products have abroad. Research conducted by ABIMO among key opinion leaders and clients in target markets for the sector, such as Angola, Chile, Spain, the US, India, Mexico and Turkey indicated that Brazil’s products are seen as offering excellent cost-benefit with creative and innovative solutions.

The study shows that Brazilian dental products and equipment are considered some of the finest in the world. In Russia, for example, Brazil is the market leader in sales volume of dental equipment.

Brazil’s export list to the US, Europe and the Middle East includes sophisticated products, such as neonatal incubators, which reach the market based on their quality and competitive prices. In Latin America, Brazilian paediatric heaters and light therapy equipment are of particular note.

In general, Brazilian electro-surgical equipment is considered reliable in the medical product markets it is exported to and the same holds true for its ophthalmological and refractive surgery equipment.


The Brazilian health products industry is represented at MEDICA 2016, in Dusseldorf, by 50 companies, of which 3 are in the National pavilion, participating off their own resources. The companies are members of the Brazilian Health Devices project run by ABIMO (the Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association) in partnership with Apex-Brasil (the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

BRAZILIAN HEALTH DEVICES AT MEDICA 2016: Hall 17 (ABIMO 17 A38), Hall 3 (stand 3 B64) and Hall 4 (stand 4 J06)

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The mission of the Brazilian Health Devices project, run by ABIMO in partnership with Apex-Brasil, is to nurture the industry’s exports of health articles and equipment. BHD is the brand that unites the national sector’s exporters and represents them internationally.

BRAZILIAN HEALTH DEVICES AT MEDICA 2016: Hall 17 (ABIMO 17 A38 ), Hall 3 (stand 3 B64) and Hall 4 (stand 4 J06)

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