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First appearance: RIDA®QUICK IFX Monitoring as a rapid quantitative test at the point-of-care Therapeutic drug monitoring of infliximab and biosimilars using a test strip

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First appearance: RIDA®QUICK IFX Monitoring as a rapid quantitative test at the point-of-care Therapeutic drug monitoring of infliximab and biosimilars using a test strip

Darmstadt, November 2016 – R-Biopharm AG (Hall 3 / B20) presents the RIDA®QUICK IFX Monitoring lateral flow assay as a novelty at the Medica 2016. Developed particularly for the point-of-care sector, this enzyme immunoassay is used for the quantitative detection of infliximab (IFX, Remicade®, TNFα blocker) and its biosimilars (Inflectra® and Remsima®) in human serum and plasma. This innovative rapid antibody test provides analysis results for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) to family doctors, gastroenterologists, therapists at clinics and outpatient care centers within 20 minutes. RIDA®QUICK IFX Monitoring is read out using the associated RIDA®QUICK SCAN II.

Due to the identical monoclonal antibody MA-IFX6B7, RIDA®QUICK IFX Monitoring is highly correlated with RIDASCREEN® IFX Monitoring, the ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) immunological detection method which has been validated in clinical studies - among others, in the trailblazing TAXIT study published at the end of 2015 by Belgian researchers of KU Leuven. This first prospective, randomized, and controlled study on individualized infliximab dosage in patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases documents that the monitoring of the active agent dose for maintaining a specific minimum level of infliximab in the maintenance phase of the therapy allows a more efficient and cost-effective use of the active agent.

Therapeutic drug monitoring of infliximab

Infliximab (IFX) is a chimeric antibody that is attributed to the so-called TNFα blockers. The active agent has been used worldwide in more than two million patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The drug costs alone are up to €20,000 per patient per year. A specific active agent concentration must be present in the patient’s blood to be effective. Due to individual pharmacokinetics, humans show different IFX drug levels at an identical dosage – about 30 percent of the patients even show a loss of the drug’s efficacy. Using TDM, this can be checked and the number of patients with loss of efficacy can be reduced significantly and individual dosage setting can be optimized. TDM is a way to optimize IFX therapy and to reduce the costs of this treatment by 34 percent per patient.

R-Biopharm AG closely cooperates with KU Leuven (Belgium), globally renowned for its work in the field of gastroenerology, and is the own provider in Germany of the combination of the RIDASCREEN® IFX Monitoring ELISA test series and the corresponding rapid test, RIDA®QUICK IFX Monitoring. The RIDASCREEN® TDM test series has by now replaced the CE version of “in-house test” that were developed by KU Leuven.

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