DiMiMED - International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine

15 + 16 November 2016, CCD South, Düsseldorf

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During the last three years, DiMiMED, the International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine, has grown into an internationally recognized conference focussing on current issues in military medicine and disaster medicine. The disasters taking place all over the world have shown that it is absolutely essential for civilian medical services and the military medical services to join forces to provide optimum on-site medical care. In addition to civilian medical services, the medical services of the armed forces are increasingly used to deal with disasters. DiMiMED provides a platform for exchanging experiences, holding discussions and for promoting global cooperation.

The DiMiMED conference is organized by the Beta Group / Beta Verlag & Marketinggesellschaft mbH, under the auspices of the Medical Corps International Forum (MCIF) and powered by MEDICA / Messe Düsseldorf GmbH. 
Alongside other issues, the conference will focus on issues in disaster medicine, traumatology, pre-hospital care, medical evacuation and transport. Internationally acclaimed experts will speak about their experiences and encourage exchanges of ideas.
It would be our pleasure to welcome you in Duesseldorf attending our conference!

Foto: Attendants and organizers of the 3rd DiMiMED conference; (c) Beta Verlag & Marketing GmbH

Foto: Attendants and organizers of the 3rd DiMiMED conference at the conference dinner location Schloss Hugenpoet; (c) Beta Verlag & Marketing GmbH

Programm Topics

Challenges for disaster and military medical service support in multinational operations.

Topics on Tuesday, 15 Nov. 2016

Disaster medicine, mental health, CBRN, medical challenges in refugee crisis
Session Disaster Medicine
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Mobile surgical contained environment device for disaster response and conflict zones
  • Management of terrorist attacks
  • Blood-supply in disaster medicine

Session Mental Health
  • PTSD Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Professional burnout
  • Stress and burnout cross-sectional study

Session CBRN
(Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear)

Session medical challenges in refugee crisis
  • Refugee relief - SAR in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Refugee crises - A role for the military?
  • Migration and communicable diseases: a risk assessment

Accompanied by several industrial workshops.
Detailed program

Topics on Wednesday, 16 Nov. 2016

Traumatology, micobiology
Session Traumatology
  • Problems of combat vascular trauma
  • Damage Control Resuscitation
  • Missile and traumatic injuries of brain
  • Amputation and Re-amputation

Session Microbiology
  • Medical protection at radiation accidents
  • Antimicrobial resistance risks
  • The Pécs Model
  • Experience with -80°C frozen red cells

Accompanied by several industrial workshops.
Detailed program

Target Groups

Who attends

About 200 high-ranking military medical and public health professionals and 50 industrial partners.

Contributors and participants are experts from related scientific institutes, organisations and companies involved with emergency, disaster and military medicine & medical devices.

It will address a broad field of related topics and provide a platform for international military and civilian experts, disaster & defense policy makers, medical planners and researchers and other military and civilian organizations to exchange their lessons and experiences and to encourage them to strengthen their network.

Please note that the number of participants is limited. We expect around 300 participants from all over the world.

Industry Sector / Company Profiles

Have a look at the main medical technology products use in disaster and military medicine.
- Apparative diagnostics (Organ investigations - MRI, MRS, ECG and electrophysiological investigations - EEG, EMG, NCG)
- Mobile ECG Devices for Heart Rhythm Monitoring
- Imaging (including computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography and other optical procedures)
- Emergency pre-hospital care of patients
- Defibrillators, Pacing Systems, Pulse oximetry, etc
- Shock therapy, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
- Medical Ventilation Systems
- Medical devices for puncturing and catheterization, central venous catheter "CVC"
- Emergency cricothyrotomy instruments
- Tracheostomy sets
- Chest drainage systems
- Immobilization Kits, vacmats
- Anaesthesiology, Intensive-Care, Pain Management, Advanced Life Support
- Healthcare products
- Disinfectants, antiseptics, preservatives, biocides, medical skin care products
- Transfusion Medicine
- Military surgical kits, amputation instruments, emergency / survival packs
- (IFAK) Individual First Aid Kit
- Patient monitoring equipment
- Critical care medical transport include mobile care units, helicopters and aircraft
- Information technology (IT) and security in disaster medical response to natural disasters or terrorist activities
- Education, Simulations Teamtraining, Reanimation

Chair Persons of the DiMiMED

Photo: Speaker at the DiMiMed

Dr. Christoph Büttner, MC Dr, Rear Admiral uh (ret), Editor-in-chief of Medical Corps International Forum (MCIF), Bonn / Germany

Photo: Speaker at the DiMiMED

Dr. Rob van der Meer, MD, Brigadier General (ret), Former Surgeon General of the Netherlands Armed Forces, Consultant with Motek Medical and Founder of Meer Health, ‘s-Gravenhage / The Netherlands

Review 2015

The 1st and 2nd DiMiMED conferences have been a great success - the speakers gave an overview about the broad field of Disaster and Military Medicine, our partner companies introduced their possibilities for cooperation with the military medical corps. The participants - nearly 200 - came from more than 20 countries, and all of them were really enthusiastic.

The 3rd DimiMED took place on 17 and 18 November 2015, during MEDICA Trade Fair 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany. We collected statements from these organizers and lecturers Rear Admiral uh MC (ret) Christoph Büttner, Brigadier General (ret) Rob van der MeerProf. Leo LataschJörn Brauer and Colonel Pharmacist Dr. Ullrich Kindling.


Conference Office DiMiMED 2016
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Foto: DiMiMED Speaker and conference room; (c) Beta Verlag & Marketing GmbH
Foto: DiMiMED Speakers and military hat; (c) Beta Verlag & Marketing GmbH