BUSTERPICK enters the store of the NS GROUP

GPI do Brasil and its investee company ZITI Tecnologica concluded an agreement for the supply of the BUSTERPICK system to the Textile Division of the NS Group in Blumenau, which is the Brazilian most important importer of industrial sewing machines needles as well as of textile replacement components.

The project includes the installation of the entire automated warehouse and its software, which will be used for the management of the needles store in their main establishment in Blumenau.

The warehouse is 22 mt long and it has a U-shape, thus enabling the gripper to run on a single track and to link the two main sections through a curve.

The company saw the BUSTERPICK system at work in the pharmacy in Reggio Emilia and it chose to have it, considering it innovative, safe and able to efficiently, effectively and cheaply solve all their problems linked to the management of their needles warehouse.

The modularity of the system will enable the company to enlarge the BUSTERPICK warehouse according to the increase in the volume of their business.

This installation is really significant for the GPI strategy in the Brazilian market: indeed it will represent a show room for industries and logistics companies - particularly those linked to drugs distribution - as well as for the hospital central pharmacies.

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