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Brazil’s portfolio features cardiology, prosthetics and radiology products and equipment

Responding to the rise in internal demand and opportunities in the international market, Brazil’s health products and equipment companies have been increasing their investments into R&D and innovation. During this process, they have added the country’s hallmark creativity for the health sector, resulting in innovative products to be found among those launched at MEDICA, held between November 14-17, in Dusseldorf.

Taking part are the 47 corporate members of Brazilian Health Devices, a project run by the Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association (ABIMO) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).


On the list of Brazilian health equipment and products, we see new ones in areas such as cardiology, including products from the Nexcor family, made by Corcam Tecnologia, debuting at this year’s edition of the fair.

The Nexcor family consists of a smart, autonomous monitoring system that tracks heart health and can give early warning of possible complications. Corcam Tecnologia will be launching NX3L, which already holds approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as two new eHealth products for remote cardiac monitoring that are in their final stage of development.

Nexcor is a line-up of disruptive technology that uses resident software to autonomously, remotely and automatically read the electrical signals of a patient’s heart using electrodes. These signals are then processed using algorithms, resulting in an electrocardiogram, which is sent to a Nexcor Monitoring Centre, where cardiologists confirm the diagnosis and adopt the measures required to help the patient.

Corcam plans to open offices in the US in 2017.

Specialising in heart and brain prosthetics, HpBio presents the Smart PIC. Designed to monitor intracranial pressure and temperature, this equipment is a complete micro sensor solution that is easy to use and does not require pre-implant catheter calibration or restarting the monitoring.

HpBio has been at MEDICA for the past decade and is looking to form partnerships to introduce the Intracranial Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Catheter to the European market, starting next year.

Meanwhile, the IBF (Indústria Brasileira de Filmes) presents radiology and image diagnosis products. It is the top graphic art film and plate company in Brazil and Latin America, and one of the four largest manufacturers of offset printing plates in the world, exporting its products to more than 70 countries across the globe.

ABIMO invites you to celebrate 15 years of Brazil at MEDICA:

BRAZILIAN HAPPY HOUR – Hall 17 A38 – Tuesday – 15 November 2016 – 5pm


The mission of the Brazilian Health Devices project, run by ABIMO in partnership with Apex-Brasil, is to nurture the industry’s exports of health articles and equipment. BHD is the brand that unites the national sector’s exporters and represents them internationally.

BRAZILIAN HEALTH DEVICES AT MEDICA 2016: Hall 17 (ABIMO 17 A38 ), Hall 3 (stands 3 B64) and Hall 4 (stands 4 J06)


ABIMO (the Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association) is the agency that represents the Brazilian health products industry and seeks to promote the sector’s sustainable growth on the national and international stage. abimo.org.br


Apex-Brasil (the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) aims to develop the competitive edge of Brazil’s companies by promoting the internationalisation of their business and attracting direct foreign investment. Apex-Brasil currently supports more than 12,000 companies from 80 sectors of the Brazilian economy, which account for exports to more than 200 markets. The agency also coordinates efforts to attract DFI (Direct Foreign Investment) into the country.

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