"Nurses: A force for Change - Improving health systems' resilience"


The work of nurses contributes to the resilience of the health system. With every decision they make in their profession, they can influence the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system. Therefore, this year's International Day of Care has the motto "Nurses: A force for Change – Improving health systems’ resilience".

Photo: nurse is giving tablets to an old woman

Care and nursing are en essential part in health care system; © panthermedia.net/alexraths

Florence Nightingale – pioneer of modern care

This day is going back to the birthday of the British nurse Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). She is considered to be pioneer of modern nursing and influential reformer of medical service and health care in the UK. She contributed to the development of nursing care to a socially respected and recognized career path for women, and established training standards that were first implemented in the nursing school she founded.

Actively influencing care

This year's International Day of Care explores the possibilities that nurses actually have to develop strong and resilient health systems at local, national and international level and to change them sustainably.

It is specifically about strengthening and developing the role of nurses. Through expertise and personal commitment, it is possible for them to interact with the existing system and to influence political decision-making processes at the highest level. So they were able to make a significant contribution in decreasing infant mortality rate over the years.

Leading the health care system

Employees in nursing profession are increasingly educated and they are able to enter into dialogue with citizens, local authorities, politicians and others. The challenges that nursing professions will need to deal with in the next years are already apparent. The growing nurse distribution key and care robots are only two examples.

On the occasion of the International Day of Care, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and The German Nurses Association (DBfK) are annually publishing a handbook for free download that describes how important roles and responsibilities of nurses are for health care systems and that it pays off to invest here.

Since 1899, ICN is the international voice of nursing. Members work to ensure quality in care and engage for global and rational health politics.