ACL GmbH, Leipzig GmbH

"3D without glasses" now also available for medical applications: ACL presents the MD-2711 3D

ACL MD2711-3D
No need for 3D-glasses any more! Our autostereoscopic monitor ACL MD-2711 3D produces a perfect spatial on screen without the help of any special tool. There is no need of wearing tiresome 3D glasses! With it's extreme resolution of 2560x1440 pixels and a screen size of 27'' (68.6cm) the ACL MD-2711 3D is able to make even the smallest details visible with highest accuracy.

ACL's autostereoscopic 3D display is using integrated lenticular lenses to provide you with an almost perfect visual impression. A built-in camera locates the position of the user to optimize the stereo image in real time. It therby not only gives the observer freedom of movement in front of the display; it also achieves an isogonal 3-dimensional presentation.

ACL 3D displays are the optimal solution for professional users from medicine and industry who want to visualize 3-dimensional content on the highest level. The ACL MD-2711 3D can reproduce content in a wide range of stereo formats without converting. Finally, its compatibility with quad-buffered open GL standards enables you to directly drive the display with 3D compatible software without additional programming effort or special drivers