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Transverse Industries Co., Ltd.
No. 305, Hua Cheng Rd. Hsin-Chuang Dist.
242 New Taipei City, Taiwan

Phone: +886 2 85218692
Fax: +886 2 85211691

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TI-816-2D "Transverse"Many Channels Laser Instrument


Product Performance:

The instrument connection the specified external modules could relieve muscle pain

and promote wound tissue healing.


Use 6 groups external modules, to connect 6 pieces universal hoses,

could make the light be adjusted to any angles. The Instrument could

separate irradiated six different parts, or also can irradiated in the large

range, use some respectively external modules.  Doctor can according

 patient’s situation adjusted.


Wavelength & Maximum output power:

816-2D 980- 980nm, 300mW

816-2D 830-830nm, 180mW

816-2D 780-780nm, 300mW

816-2D 660-660nm, 300mW

Connecting module weight:475g  Module Cable length:2M     

Shell material:ABS

    Laser gradeClass 3R (EN60825-1:2007)

〝TRANSVERSE Infrared Laser Therapy Apparatus


It can enhance blood circulation to relieve nerve pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain and arthritis.