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Public Health & Associations

Public Health & Associations

News on public health research and national as well as international health policies. Edited by and several associations.


Preventing diabetes-associated blindness

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Photo: Blood vessels in the retina [26/05/2015] Reporting on their study with lab-grown human cells, researchers at The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland say that blocking a second blood vessel growth protein, along with one that is already well known, could offer a new way to treat and prevent a blinding eye disease caused by diabetes.Preventing diabetes-associated blindness - Read more

Is diet or exercise the best way to reduce diabetes risk?

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Photo: A runner ties his shoes next to a green smoothie [12/05/2015] Saint Louis University associate professor of nutrition and dietetics Edward Weiss, Ph.D, and colleagues found that, though people often think of the benefits from exercise, calorie restriction and weight loss as interchangeable, it appears that they may all offer distinct and cumulative benefits when it comes to managing Type 2 diabetes risk. Is diet or exercise the best way to reduce diabetes risk? - Read more

Bioactive gel to treat knee injuries

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Photo: The confocal image shows chondrogenic progenitor cells [30/04/2015] A University of Iowa orthopedics research team is working on a solution with hopes it will result in a minimally invasive, practical, and inexpensive approach for repairing cartilage and preventing osteoarthritis.Bioactive gel to treat knee injuries - Read more

High-tech textiles – more than just clothes

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Photo: Special socks for diabetics [30/04/2015] High-tech textiles must fulfill a number of functions and meet many requirements. That is why the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC dedicated some major developing work to this most intriguing research area.High-tech textiles – more than just clothes - Read more

Gastric band and weight management therapies offer similar benefits

Photo: Overweight family [29/04/2015] Clinical trial highlights effectiveness and tradeoffs of intensive treatments for people with type 2 diabetes who invest sufficient time and energy.Gastric band and weight management therapies offer similar benefits - Read more

How to short circuit hunger

Photo: Person with measuring tape [28/04/2015] Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it's no fun to feel hungry. In fact, the drive to tame gnawing hunger pangs can sabotage even the best-intentioned dieter. But how exactly is it that fasting creates these uncomfortable feelings - and consuming food takes them away? How to short circuit hunger - Read more

Diabetes: Nanotech-enabled moisturizer speeds wound healing

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Photo: A pot of ointment next to a healed wound [24/04/2015] A new high-tech but simple ointment applied to the skin may one day help diabetic patients heal stubborn and painful ulcers on their feet, Northwestern University researchers report.Diabetes: Nanotech-enabled moisturizer speeds wound healing - Read more

Why drug for type II diabetes makes people fat

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Photo: Measuring tape and pills [30/03/2015] Medication used to treat patients with type II diabetes activates sensors on brain cells that increase hunger, causing people taking this drug to gain more body fat, according to researchers at Georgia State University, Oregon Health and Science University, Georgia Regents University and Charlie Norwood Veterans Administration Medical Center.Why drug for type II diabetes makes people fat - Read more

Biomarker for steatohepatitis

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Graphic: The liver in human body [06/03/2015] 40 percent of people in the EU suffer from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, a disease which is becoming increasingly more frequent as a result of diabetes and excess weight. Currently, it is not possible to forecast the further course of the disease – right up to cirrhosis and cancer of the liver. In future, this should become possible using a Risk Score with different biomarkers.Biomarker for steatohepatitis - Read more

Engineered insulin could offer better diabetes control

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Photo: Insulin shot in front of sugar cubes [12/02/2015] MIT engineers hope to improve treatment for diabetes patients with a new type of engineered insulin. In tests in mice, the researchers showed that their modified insulin can circulate in the bloodstream for at least 10 hours. This could eliminate the need for patients to repeatedly monitor their blood sugar levels and inject insulin throughout the day.Engineered insulin could offer better diabetes control - Read more