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Public Health & Associations

Public Health & Associations

News on public health research and national as well as international health policies. Edited by and several associations.


Type 2 Diabetes: Optimal Care with Obesity

Photo: Prof. Schepp Diabetes mellitus type 2 is among the so-called “lifestyle“ diseases. According to the World Health Organization WHO, 347 million people worldwide are living with diabetes. Ninety percent of them have type 2 diabetes.Type 2 Diabetes: Optimal Care with Obesity - Read more

Stem Cells: New 3-D Method to Grow Miniature Pancreas

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Photo: Pancreas [17/10/2013] Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have successfully developed an innovative 3D method to grow miniature pancreas from progenitor cells. The future goal is to use this model to help in the fight against diabetes. Stem Cells: New 3-D Method to Grow Miniature Pancreas - Read more

Underestimated Psychological Burdens from Diabetes

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Photo: Blood sugar measurement [08/10/2013] The OECD countries have 83 million people suffering from diabetes; by 2030 this figure will increase to 100 million. The massive psychosocial effects of the disease on diabetics and their families are largely underestimated.Underestimated Psychological Burdens from Diabetes - Read more

Skin: Important Wound-Healing Process Discovered

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[01/10/2013] Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have discovered an important process by which special immune cells in the skin help heal wounds.Skin: Important Wound-Healing Process Discovered - Read more

Type 1 Diabetes: New Islet Cell Transplant Procedure

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Foto: Diabetes [26/09/2013] The latest approach to islet transplantation, in which clusters of insulin-producing cells known as islets are transplanted from a donor pancreas into another person's liver, has produced substantially improved results for patients with type 1 diabetes.Type 1 Diabetes: New Islet Cell Transplant Procedure - Read more

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