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Public Health & Associations

News on public health research and national as well as international health policies. Edited by and several associations.


Liver: Pocket-sized ultrasound device reduces need for further testing

Graphic: Liver [27/04/2015] Results from a study presented at The International Liver Congress 2015 demonstrate that the use of a pocket-sized ultrasound device (PUD) helps to reduce the need for further testing in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Liver: Pocket-sized ultrasound device reduces need for further testing - Read more

A recipe for long-lasting livers

Graphic: Model of human body with liver highlighted [23/04/2015] People waiting for organ transplants may soon have higher hopes of getting the help that they need in time. Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology have developed a new technique that extends the time that donor organs last and can also resuscitate organs obtained after cardiac arrest.A recipe for long-lasting livers - Read more

Biomarker for steatohepatitis

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Graphic: The liver in human body [06/03/2015] 40 percent of people in the EU suffer from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, a disease which is becoming increasingly more frequent as a result of diabetes and excess weight. Currently, it is not possible to forecast the further course of the disease – right up to cirrhosis and cancer of the liver. In future, this should become possible using a Risk Score with different biomarkers.Biomarker for steatohepatitis - Read more

New method for minimally invasive tissue ablation surgery

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Photo: Masson's trichromatic staining of the liver tissue [09/02/2015] A team of researchers that includes scientists from the Quinnipiac University and the University of California, Berkeley reports a new method for minimally invasive tissue ablation surgery that combines electrolysis with reversible electroporation. New method for minimally invasive tissue ablation surgery - Read more

New preservation system for organ transplantation

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Photo: doctors transplanting an organ [22/01/2015] A new preservation system that pumps cooled, oxygen-rich fluid into donor livers not only keeps the organs in excellent condition for as long as nine hours before transplantation, but also leads to dramatically better liver function and increases survival of recipients, according to a series of animal studies. The system could be tested with transplant patients later this year. New preservation system for organ transplantation - Read more

Technology to help patients with chronic liver disease

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Graphic: Stomach, liver and intestines [08/12/2014] The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Research Foundation is pleased to announce that Ashish Nimgaonkar, MBBS, MTech, MS, from John Hopkins University, has received the inaugural AGA-Boston Scientific Career Development Technology & Innovation Award. This award is graciously supported by a grant from Boston Scientific, a leading innovator of medical solutions.Technology to help patients with chronic liver disease - Read more

Colorful nano-guides to the liver

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Graphic: Scheme of a nanoparticle [05/12/2014] Jena scientists have been successful in producing highly specific nanoparticles. Depending on the bound dye the particles are guided to the liver or to the kidney and deliver their payload of active ingredients directly to the targeted tissue. The dyes also enable the tracking of the transport processes by intravital microscopy or, in a non-invasive way, by multi spectral optoacoustic tomography.Colorful nano-guides to the liver - Read more

High-intensity sound waves may aid regenerative medicine

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Photo: Histotripsy Lesion Created in Bovine Liver Tissue [31/10/2014] Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a way to use sound to create cellular scaffolding for tissue engineering, a unique approach that could help overcome one of regenerative medicine's significant obstacles.High-intensity sound waves may aid regenerative medicine - Read more

Cutting the liver piece by piece

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Photo: Laparoscopy of the liver [26/08/2014] New surgical methods give hope to patients with cancer that has spread from the intestine to the liver. The disease can be changed from terminal to chronic by cutting the liver piece by piece using keyhole surgery.Cutting the liver piece by piece - Read more

World Hepatitis Day - 07/28/2014

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Graphic: Face of a young woman [21/07/2014] Look twice first and then act! This year’s World Hepatitis Day takes place under the motto “Think again.” World Hepatitis Day - 07/28/2014 - Read more