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Final Press Release

MEDICA and COMPAMED 2014: Medical Device Technology Providers benefit from Strong International Response – Tailwinds for Export Business More ...

Logo MEDICA MEDICA / COMPAMED 2014 - Final Press Release-

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Exhibitor Registration 2015

Become an exhibitor at MEDICA 2015 in just a few steps! Your online registration will be sent directly to the Messe Düsseldorf Space Reservation Department.
Read more

Photo: 2 people who are talking to each other Exhibitor registration Become an exhibitor at MEDICA 2015!

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Photo: MEDICA-Live-Coverage MEDICA 2014 What happened in the trade fair halls? A review!

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Topic of the Month November: MEDICA 2014

The MEDICA is getting close! From 12th to 15th November the world's largest trade fair for medicine and medical technology will open its gates in Düsseldorf. On we already present some exciting research topics that you can take a look yourself during the fair. Read our Topic of the Month

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Top News

Predicting the beginning of influenza outbreaks is notoriously difficult, and can affect prevention and control efforts. Researchers have devised a simple yet accurate method to determine the onset of elevated influenza activity at the community level. Read our current Top News

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World Diabetes Day - 11/14/2014

A healthy lifestyle is essential. Therefore, this year’s World Diabetes Day takes place under the motto "Healthy eating begins with breakfast". More about World Diabetes Day 2014

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Inventing a healthier future

Innovation in medical technologies is booming. That is why MEDICA and COMPAMED attract such huge audiences each year, and an increasing number of exhibitors. New technologies are combining material science, electronics, engineering and biochemistry. Read more about patenting of medical technologies

Photo: DNA rapid test; © EPO Patenting in Europe Inventing a healthier future

Photo: Africa Mercy

Photo Gallery: Mercy Ships - Ships Which Bring Help

Since 1978 Mercy Ships brings urgently needed medical aid and long term capacity building to the poorest countries in the world. Through the deployment of the world’s largest hospital ship, the “Africa Mercy”...

Photo: Africa Mercy Photo Gallery Mercy Ships - Ships Which Bring Help

Photo: MEDICA logo MEDICA 2014 video Discover the world leading trade fair for the medical industry.

Who is Who? - Healthy connected

Become a member of the Who is Who community and find suiting contact partners. Create your own profile and network with members from similiar professional branches or departments. Check out Who is Who

Who is Who? Network with MEDICA visitors

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Our Newsletter delivers current content from to your mailbox every week. Subscribe here to our Newsletter

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Press Release

From 2015 on, MEDICA and COMPAMED with new dates from Monday to Thursday

Read the press release

Photo: Press; © Konopka Press Release From 2015 on, MEDICA and COMPAMED with New Dates

Video: Exhibitors of MEDICA 2014

More than 4,800 exhibitors from 67 nations have come to MEDICA 2014. We asked some of them about their tradefair impressions. More videos

Video: Stress test in pneumology

With an extensive program of continued medical education the MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE gives medical professionals the opportunity to extend their knowledge. More videos

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From Our Interviews

Dr. Peter Robinson about diagnosis of orphan disea-
ses Read our Interview

7 Tesla high field tomography: imaging in HD

Ultra high field imaging makes extremely high-resolution images possible. But this is not the only advantage in comparison to 1.5 and 3 Tesla tomography... More Videos


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Clock for brain waves

21/11/2014 - Oscillations of brain activity influence our attention and many other mental functions. Tatjana Tchumatchenko from the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt and Claudia Clopath from Imperial College London have now developed a theoretical model that explains the origin of such oscillations in neural networks. read more

A new tool for identifying onset of local influenza outbreaks

21/11/2014 - Predicting the beginning of influenza outbreaks is notoriously difficult, and can affect prevention and control efforts. Now, just in time for flu season, researchers have devised a simple yet accurate method for hospitals and public health departments to determine the onset of elevated influenza activity at the community level. read more

Technology against a flu outbreak

20/11/2014 - Contrary to what one might think, influenza epidemics are a natural occurrence, as they are produced by the constant mutation of the viruses leading to the appearance of new subtypes formed from recombination of whole areas of genes. Therefore, Mexican scientists designed a platform that assesses the knowledge that people have about the disease and provides tools to prevent contagion. read more

New insight into common cause of blindness

18/11/2014 - Scientists at The University of Manchester have identified an important new factor behind one of the major causes of blindness, which they hope could lead to new treatments. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the major cause of blindness in the western world, affecting around 50 million people. It has been shown that sufferers are genetically predisposed to develop the condition. read more

Drugs that protect organs during transplantation

18/11/2014 - Organs can become significantly damaged during transplantation, but a new article published in the BJS (British Journal of Surgery) offers a protective strategy that could keep them safe and allow them to function optimally after the procedure. read more

Bio-inspired bleeding control

17/11/2014 - Stanching the free flow of blood from an injury remains a holy grail of clinical medicine. Controlling blood flow is a primary concern and first line of defense for patients and medical staff in many situations, from traumatic injury to illness to surgery. If control is not established within the first few minutes of a hemorrhage, further treatment and healing are impossible. read more

On the Trail of Proteins

14/11/2014 - Scientists from Heidelberg University in collaboration with researchers from the University of Gießen have succeeded in electrochemically detecting protein binding on semiconductor materials for the first time, thanks to a newly developed investigative method based on differences in electrical charge. read more

When hearing aid users listen to music, less is more

14/11/2014 - The type of sound processing that modern hearings aids provide to make speech more understandable for wearers may also make music enjoyment more difficult, according to a new study by the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder. read more

Cockroach Cyborgs use microphones to trace sounds

13/11/2014 - North Carolina State University researchers have developed technology that allows cyborg cockroaches, or biobots, to pick up sounds with small microphones and seek out the source of the sound. The technology is designed to help emergency personnel find and rescue survivors in the aftermath of a disaster. read more

A medical lab for the home

13/11/2014 - Fraunhofer FIT demonstrates a mobile wireless system that monitors the health of elderly people in their own homes, using miniature sensors. Besides non-invasive sensors this platform integrates technology to take a blood sample and to determine specific markers in the patient's blood. read more

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Decentral reprocessing of instruments
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Certification and market access worldwide
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Building finishing activities
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Modular hospital construction
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Apogee 5800 from SIUI

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