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Season's Greetings!

We wish our readers happy holidays and a good start into the new year!

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Top News

In the first real-world trial of the impact of patient-controlled access to electronic medical records, almost half of the patients who participated withheld clinically sensitive information in their medical records from some or all of their health care providers. Read our current Top News

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Exhibitor Registration 2015

Become an exhibitor at MEDICA 2015 in just a few steps! Your online registration will be sent directly to the Messe Düsseldorf Space Reservation Department.
Read more

Photo: 2 people who are talking to each other Exhibitor registration Become an exhibitor at MEDICA 2015!

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Final Press Release

MEDICA and COMPAMED 2014: Medical Device Technology Providers benefit from Strong International Response – Tailwinds for Export Business More ...

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Topic of the Month December: Ethics in Medicine

Distribution of donor organs, legalizing of assisted suicide, use of untested drugs against pandemic diseases – problematic and extreme cases have tremendously evolved compared to ancient times. The old tenet “first, do no harm” falls short because physicians need to know more than how to merely heal patients. Read our Topic of the Month

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Photo: MEDICA-Live-Coverage MEDICA 2014 What happened in the trade fair halls? A review!

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Inventing a healthier future

Innovation in medical technologies is booming. That is why MEDICA and COMPAMED attract such huge audiences each year, and an increasing number of exhibitors. New technologies are combining material science, electronics, engineering and biochemistry. Read more about patenting of medical technologies

Photo: DNA rapid test; © EPO Patenting in Europe Inventing a healthier future

Photo: MEDICA logo MEDICA 2014 video Discover the world leading trade fair for the medical industry.

Who is Who? - Healthy connected

Become a member of the Who is Who community and find suiting contact partners. Create your own profile and network with members from similiar professional branches or departments. Check out Who is Who

Who is Who? Network with MEDICA visitors

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Press Release

From 2015 on, MEDICA and COMPAMED with new dates from Monday to Thursday

Read the press release

Photo: Press; © Konopka Press Release From 2015 on, MEDICA and COMPAMED with New Dates

Video: Mobile medical practices

Natural disasters occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Help has to be quick and flexible in attendance. At MEDICA 2014 exhibitors presented several mobile medical practices... More videos

Video: Communication platform for physical therapists

The MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE celebrated its premiere this year. Therefore the trade fair expands its offers and creates too a communication platform especially for... More videos

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From our interviews

Dr Jörn Probst about standardized injury with ARTcut Read our interview

Rescue operation on the patient simulator

When an emergency call is answered by the dispatcher things need to move fast. The emergency response team should get to its destination as quickly... More videos in MediaCenter

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Topic of the Month

Ethics in Medicine Read our Topic of the Month

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New class of synthetic molecules mimics antibodies

19/12/2014 - A Yale University lab has crafted the first synthetic molecules that have both the targeting and response functions of antibodies. read more

'Radiogenetics' seeks to remotely control cells and genes

18/12/2014 - It is the most basic of ways to find out what something does, whether it is an unmarked circuit breaker or an unidentified gene - flip its switch and see what happens. New remote-control technology may offer biologists a powerful way to do this with cells and genes. read more

Imaging reveals: Bacterial biofilms associated with colon cancer

17/12/2014 - Since the first "catalog" of the normal bacterial makeup of the human body was published in 2012, numerous connections between illness and disturbances in the human microbiota have been found. Now scientists report yet another: Cancerous tumors in the ascending colon are characterized by biofilms, which are dense clumps of bacterial cells encased in a self-produced matrix. read more

Taming the inflammatory response in kidney dialysis

15/12/2014 - Frequent kidney dialysis is essential for the approximately 350,000 end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients in the United States. But it can also cause systemic inflammation, leading to complications such as cardiovascular disease and anemia, and patients who rely on the therapy have a five-year survival rate of only 35 percent. read more

Yeast cells are first known to cure themselves of prions

11/12/2014 - Yeast cells can sometimes reverse the protein misfolding and clumping associated with diseases such as Alzheimer's, according to new research from the University of Arizona. read more

Nanotechnology against malaria parasites

11/12/2014 - Malaria parasites invade human red blood cells, they then disrupt them and infect others. Researchers at the University of Basel and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute have now developed so-called nanomimics of host cell membranes that trick the parasites. read more

Brain depends on gut bacteria for protection

10/12/2014 - With the abundance of information available about eating right, no one could question the capacity of your brain to protect your digestive tract. But a recent study shows that the intestines may in turn be protecting the brain, long before you are old enough to surf health and nutrition websites. read more

Technology to help patients with chronic liver disease

08/12/2014 - The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Research Foundation is pleased to announce that Ashish Nimgaonkar, MBBS, MTech, MS, from John Hopkins University, has received the inaugural AGA-Boston Scientific Career Development Technology & Innovation Award. This award is graciously supported by a grant from Boston Scientific, a leading innovator of medical solutions. read more

Colorful nano-guides to the liver

05/12/2014 - Jena scientists have been successful in producing highly specific nanoparticles. Depending on the bound dye the particles are guided to the liver or to the kidney and deliver their payload of active ingredients directly to the targeted tissue. The dyes also enable the tracking of the transport processes by intravital microscopy or, in a non-invasive way, by multi spectral optoacoustic tomography. read more

2D images as the new tool for cancer prevention

04/12/2014 - Portuguese researchers have developed a new method, which from images of a protein in a population of cells quantifies its distribution (how much there is, and where in the cell) for that population. The discovery by researchers João Sanches, Raquel Seruca and colleagues has important medical implications since the cellular location of a protein is directly linked to its function. read more

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Modular hospital construc-
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