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MEDICA and COMPAMED: 16 - 19 November 2015 +++ NEW: Show days from Monday to Thursday +++ Visitor registration / eTicketing online required!
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New show days 2015 Monday to Thursday
16 - 19 November 2015

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Top News

A new article publishing online in the Quarterly Journal of Medicine has reported the first case showing an association between exposure to head injuries in rugby union players and an increased risk in neurodegenerative disease. Read our current Top News

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Topic of the Month May: Cancer screenings

We have talked with experts about which early cancer screening tests are currently available and how many lives are actually saved through these sieve tests. Read our Topic of the Month

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Exhibitor Registration 2015

Become an exhibitor at MEDICA 2015 in just a few steps! Your online registration will be sent directly to the Messe Düsseldorf Space Reservation Department.
Read more

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Final Press Release

MEDICA and COMPAMED 2014: Medical Device Technology Providers benefit from Strong International Response – Tailwinds for Export Business More ...

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Who is Who? - Healthy connected

Become a member of the Who is Who community and find suiting contact partners. Create your own profile and network with members from similiar professional branches or departments. Check out Who is Who

Who is Who? Network with MEDICA visitors

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From our interviews

Prof Klaus-Peter Hoffmann about neuromonitoring Read our interview

Patient information as an event - Interactive, in multimedia format, personal

Multimedia, daily newspaper, presentations, one-to-one talk - many roads lead patients to the answer. More videos

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Topic of the Month

Cancer screenings Read our Topic of the Month

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Microclinics help keep Kenyan HIV patients in care

21/05/2015 - A team led by researchers from UC San Francisco, Organic Health Response, and Microclinic International is reporting results of a study that showed significant benefits of microclinics -- an innovative intervention that mobilized rural Kenyan HIV patients' informal social networks to support their staying in care. read more

On film: Body's 'serial killers' destroying cancer cells

21/05/2015 - A dramatic video has captured the behaviour of cytotoxic T cells - the body's 'serial killers' - as they hunt down and eliminate cancer cells before moving on to their next target. read more

Soft-tissue engineering for hard-working cartilage

20/05/2015 - Advance in 3-D printing could have broad applications: An international study points the way toward wider, more effective use of biocompatible materials in repairing human tissues. Focusing on the difficult case of restoring cartilage, which requires both flexibility and mechanical strength, the researchers investigated a new combination of 3-D printed microfiber scaffolding and hydrogels. read more

New risk factor for pregnancies

20/05/2015 - Women who were born preterm have a higher risk of giving birth to preterm children, according to a study, published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, from researchers of the CHU Sainte-Justine and the University of Montreal. read more

Testosterone: More isn't always better

18/05/2015 - A study by UCSB anthropologists connects increased diabetes risk and higher levels of testosterone to prostate enlargement. read more

Gel filled with nanosponges cleans up MRSA infections

18/05/2015 - Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego developed a gel filled with toxin-absorbing nanosponges that could lead to an effective treatment for skin and wound infections caused by MRSA. read more

Dye could prevent infection during bone-repair surgery

15/05/2015 - A green dye that sticks to bone grafts becomes antimicrobial with the flick of a light switch and could help reduce the risk of infections during bone-reconstruction surgeries. read more

How cancer tricks the lymphatic system into spreading tumors

13/05/2015 - Swollen lymph nodes are often the earliest sign of metastatic spread of cancer cells. Now cancer researchers and immunologists at Sweden's Karolinska Institutet have discovered how cancer cells can infiltrate the lymphatic system by 'disguising' themselves as immune cells (white blood cells). read more

Fighting pathogenic bacteria with homing beacon

08/05/2015 - With the threat of multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens growing, new ideas to treat infections are sorely needed. Researchers report preliminary success testing an entirely novel approach - tagging bacteria with a molecular "homing beacon" that attracts pre-existing antibodies to attack the pathogens. The study is published by the Journal of Molecular Medicine. read more

Light in sight: Potential therapy for acquired blindness

08/05/2015 - Scientists from the Universities of Bern in Switzerland and Göttingen in Germany have succeeded in restoring vision to blind mice. They have developed a molecular light switch as a potential therapy for acquired blindness. read more

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